CTF releases annual report


TORONTO The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) has published its 2003-2004 annual report, marking the first year of reporting on Canadian audiences.

"Looking back at 2003-2004, the CTF continued to be a catalyst for production financing across the country, as $233.3 million in funding to 383 productions helped spur almost three quarters of a billion dollars in Canadian production activity," said Sandra Macdonald, president and CEO of the CTF.

"As the fund did face reduced resources in 2003-2004, the board of directors and CTF staff worked closely with the industry to review the CTF's funding programs and administration for 2004-2005, resulting in a new three-stream system for 2004-2005, focused on increasing the audiences of Canadian television programs."

Thanks to a project led by the Canadian Television Fund, with collaboration from the CRTC and the Canadian television industry, audience data suppliers can report on audience tuning to individual programs, and identify those programs according to genre and country of origin. As a result, for the first time, the CTF is able to report on Canadian audiences. We have dedicated a section in our 2003-2004 Annual Report which summarizes fall and winter 2003-2004 audience data to reveal a portrait of Canadians' viewing of Canadian and foreign programming, including the CTF-supported genres of drama, children's and youth, documentary, and variety and performing arts programs.

The 2003-2004 Annual Report is available for download on the CTF's web site at www.CanadianTelevisionFund.ca.

The Canadian Television Fund was created in 1996 to support the production and broadcast of high quality, distinctively Canadian television programs. The result of a private-public partnership, the CTF is financed by contributions from the Government of Canada, the Canadian cable and direct-to-home satellite industries and Telefilm Canada.

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