Controversial Quebec City radio host leaving CHOI FM


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QUEBEC CITY - The controversial radio morning man whose popularity soared despite the scorn of federal regulators and a lawsuit said he's hanging up his microphone.

Jeff Fillion announced during his show Monday that he would no longer be on CHOI-FM as of April 1.

``It's resolved,'' he said, saying he refuses to stifle his opinions. ``I'm going, leaving.''

``No, it's not April Fool's. It's something very serious...I'm not doing a stunt. I have no choice, for me, for my family, for the company, I have to go.''

Quebec City's most popular radio host said he's paid a price for the media focus on him brought on by the defamation lawsuit filed by
television weather presenter Sophie Chiasson and the CRTC's decision not to renew the station's licence.

A judge will rule next month on the lawsuit.

The Federal Court will hear an appeal of the CRTC ruling in May.

The CRTC last year ordered CHOI closed for several breaches of the Broadcasting Act, citing racist, sexist and vulgar language by
Fillion and host Andre Arthur.

The plight of CHOI-FM prompted massive protests in Quebec City and Ottawa. The station is still on the air while it appeals the regulator's decision.

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