Samsung Electronics Announces the Departure of Pat Button


Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. announced today that Pat Button, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Consumer Electronics Division, will be departing the company, effective May 13, to explore other avenues within the communications industry.

"Pat has headed Samsung's CE Division for the last two and a half years," commented Jae Soon Park, President and CEO, Samsung Electronics Canada. "During that time, he contributed greatly to Samsung as it has built a strong presence in the Canadian CE industry. I accept Pat's decision to explore other opportunities, and I would like to personally thank and congratulate him for his dedication and commitment to the Samsung team."

"I have spent the last 14 years of my career in the consumer electronics industry with Sony and Samsung, and at this time, would like to further my experience in marketing television products by joining another leader, however, in this instance, a Canadian corporation," said Button. "I am looking forward to joining Bell ExpressVu as Vice President of Marketing, commencing May 16, 2005. With this opportunity, I am eager to leverage my CE experience in assisting Bell to reach its goals of growth in the distribution of video products in Canada, while also broadening my understanding and scope of this business segment."

"I am proud and confident of the team we have built over the past two and a half years, and firmly believe it is the best in our industry," Button continued. "Due to the strength of the people within this team, I am confident that in my absence, Samsung will have ongoing solidarity, growth, and prosperity as we have experienced over this time. I look forward to an ongoing partnership with Samsung, and believe firmly that the talents, resources and drive of the organization will position Samsung among the top companies in Canada within a very short period of time."

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