ESPN Selects Mediasurface to Re-launch Affiliate Website

Pegah Aarabi

04/192005 -- ESPN has selected Mediasurface to provide a web content management solution supporting the development and delivery of a new consolidated platform that will integrate the ESPN, ABC and Disney affiliate web sites into one improved site.

ESPN, whose flagship channels ESPN and ESPN2 are household names among sports enthusiast throughout the U.S., purchased licenses for Mediasurface 5.1 and smart client application Morello.

ESPN's selection of Mediasurface is based largely on its unparalleled ease of use and its ability to empower business users to manage and publish information on the site, while simultaneously providing a single framework for the affiliate web site.

Mediasurface provides content management software for a host of North American companies, including World Wrestling Entertainment, SSA Global, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Assurant, Extend Media and Oxford University Press.

The new site will give business users greater control over the site itself and dramatically reduce the effort required to keep the site, and its content, current and informative.

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