CRTC Streamlines Regulatory Procedures


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is introducing streamlined procedures
for regulated telephone companies. These include:

- an accelerated process for responding to retail tariff filings in which the Commission is responding to every application within 10 business days,
- a substantial reduction in the workload required by telephone companies in filing regulatory reports, and
- streamlined procedures for 'withdrawal of service' applications details to be announced shortly).

These streamlining initiatives are the latest in a series of measures introduced by the Commission to make regulation faster and more efficient.
Last year, the Commission accelerated its resolution of competitive disputes by introducing expedited hearings and alternative processes for settling disputes. As a result, over the past year, the CRTC has dramatically reduced
the backlog of competitive disputes.

CRTC Chairman, Charles Dalfen, said, "By streamlining our own procedures, we are not only reducing uncertainty in the environment, but are also allowing regulated telephone companies to respond more quickly to their customers.
Within 10 days of filing, the regulated telephone companies will know where their retail tariff applications stand."

The Commission's mandate includes creating regulatory conditions that allow competition to grow. As each telecommunications market becomes sustainably competitive, the CRTC then refrains - or forbears - from regulating that market.

The accelerated process for retail tariff applications was implemented on an interim basis on March 1, 2005, with full implementation to start May 1, 2005. The Commission expects to reduce its average time to dispose of retail
tariff applications by 50% over the next 12 months, with major improvements implemented immediately.

The Commission reviewed the quantity and frequency of annual and quarterly reports filed by the regulated telephone companies and substantially reduced or eliminated a significant reduction of administrative burden
occasioned by regulatory information requirements.

The Commission is also implementing streamlining for "withdrawal of service" applications from the regulated telephone companies. These applications typically concern services for which the companies employ new technologies and for which there are replacement services.

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