RealNetworks unveils new media player

Seattle RealNetworks, Inc., has unveiled its RealOne Platform, a new integrated media platform for connecting consumers to content. At the core of the platform is its media engine, RealOne Player, which combines and reinvents the industry-leading RealPlayer and RealJukebox and adds to them a new media browser to give consumers a multi-dimensional media experience. RealOne Platform enables content providers to easily author content using standard Internet languages, extending their current Web sites to create an immersive multimedia experience which features audio and video playback with contextual information.

The new platform is compatible with a wide-range of development tools and services that enable content providers and technology partners to create secure, compelling digital media content, and to supplement it with contextual commerce. More than 150 content providers and technology partners worldwide have already announced their endorsement of the RealOne Platform, the company reported today.

"RealOne Platform will empower our partners to create a new generation of digital media businesses," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc. "By combining the many ways that people enjoy and interact with digital media, and by steering use of the Internet toward integrated, compelling audio-visual content, RealOne Platform will fundamentally change how consumers and creators of content will relate."

"ABC has had a great relationship with RealNetworks since the launch of RealAudio in 1995. We have always recognized that Real is at the forefront of technology, and is a leading innovator for media delivery on the Internet," said Bernard Gershon, senior vice president and general manager, ABC "RealOne Platform is groundbreaking and will introduce's audience to a true multimedia experience."

RealOne Platform is extensible through a variety of software development toolkits (SDKs) exposing a broad set of open application programming interfaces (APIs.) The RealOne Authoring Guide lays out details and examples for using existing popular Web and digital media development tools to create new media experiences leveraging the customization and extensibility features of RealOne Platform. Authoring for RealOne Platform is eased through its compatibility with a robust set of tools and services for optimizing content.

A developer preview of RealOne Platform is available immediately for download at Within sixty days, the Company also will launch RealOne Service, a deeper and greatly expanded version of its GoldPass media subscription service, which has surpassed 400,000 active paid subscribers in just over a year. RealOne Service will be built upon RealOne Platform and will offer a wide range of premium content and services, including downloadable and streaming major label music from MusicNet.

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