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Stephen Pumple, President & CEO, AZCAR Technologies Incorporated, is pleased to announce that AZCAR has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Pro-Com Systems.

"This acquisition dovetails nicely with AZCAR's overall strategic plan for growing its media technologies and related business," said Stephen Pumple. "Norm Cleary and his team bring over 30 years of experience designing,
implementing and maintaining high end board room solutions and systems for a blue chip list of clients."

"We are delighted we have been able to arrive at a deal with AZCAR. They bring additional technical, infrastructure, project management and financial
strengths which will allow us to grow with the ever changing media technologies," said Norm Cleary.

"This acquisition is beneficial in a number of areas: it allows us to expand our core competencies therefore offering wider ranges of services to our clientele; improves utilization of, and augments, our talented staff and other resources; and improves our profitability not only because of higher revenues, but because this business can be accommodated without a material increase in
AZCAR's overhead cost structure," said Bill Crowther, AZCAR's COO.

"Visual communication is the buzzword in our industry. Manufacturers better known for developing broadcast technology are now developing technology to be
implemented into audiovisual systems. With this acquisition AZCAR gains immediate penetration into markets such as video conferencing, high end video projection and display systems, medical imaging and telemedicine, and others," said Bill Frazier, AZCAR's VP Sales.

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