ATN To Launch India's News Channel


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Asian Television Network International Limited is delighted to announce its plan to launch India's number one, English television news channel NDTV (New Delhi Television), as part of ATN's line-up of South Asian Channels across Canada.

"We are delighted to form this significant strategic programming alliance with NDTV. "We have admired the vision and great accomplishment of the team and leadership behind NDTV. We feel this 24 hour News Service in English will be well received by the South Asian community in Canada" said Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN in Canada.

ATN, a publicly listed company, owns and operates six television channels across Canada and has programming alliances with leading International Broadcasters. ATN has been awarded 16 more digital television licenses by the
CRTC. ATN is also the largest promoter and distributor of World Class Cricket across Canada.

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When it comes to the three subscription radio applications to be heard by the CRTC November (see this site for stories explaining it), should the Commission:
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Approve the CHUM "Canadian" option?  
Approve one or both of the satellite options?  
Approve none?