Levy to be new chair of CFTPA


OTTAWA - Ira Levy, executive producer of Breakthrough Films and Television, will be the new chair of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association. Levy was elected by the new board of the trade association, and his appointment will be approved at the CFTPA's annual general meeting in Banff on June 11th. Levy replaces veteran producer Laszlo Barna of Barna-Alper Productions.

"It is a privilege to represent the views of producers on a national scale. I hope to hammer home the reality that producers are truly the people who take the risk to make content for the TV shows, films and interactive media that end up on our screens. Active independent producers create content. And you won't have active producers if cultural policy and public and private funding don't reflect that reality," said Levy.

"The CFTPA has a tradition of having chairs who are established, respected and busy working producers. Ira is no different. He is incredibly hard working and diligent, and he knows first hand what challenges the industry is facing. His willingness to do something about them has made him a key figure within the association," said Guy Mayson, CFTPA president and CEO.

Levy joined the CFTPA in 1995 and since then has sat as the association's representative on the board of the Canadian Television Fund. He has also been active on CFTPA's committees involving children's programming as well as industrial relations. Based in Toronto, Levy formed Breakthrough in 1985 with Peter Williamson. Breakthrough is known for working in a variety of genres including children's programming (Dudley the Dragon), animation (Atomic Betty), drama (Paradise Falls), documentary (Little Miracles, and For King & Country), and lifestyle (War of the Wheels). Breakthrough has established global distribution and new media divisions including gaming.

This versatility has served Breakthrough well. It has strong relationships with Canadian and international broadcasters, and has an extensive track record in international co-productions. This activity gives Levy a firm understanding of the role Canadian producers can play in the international marketplace said the CFTPA in a statement.

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