Rogers Receives Approval for NOWTV


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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced today that Rogers Broadcasting Limited's application to acquire NOWTV (CHNU-TV-Fraser Valley) and to launch CIIT-TV in Winnipeg has been approved.

"We are delighted with the CRTC's decision and are committed to fulfilling the unique mandate for religious and spiritual programming that has been entrusted to us," said Rael Merson, President of Rogers Broadcasting
Limited. "We have nearly twenty years of experience serving the ethnic communities of Southern Ontario and look forward to leveraging our experience and resources to serve the many different religious communities in the lower
mainland of British Columbia, in Victoria and in Winnipeg."

"We are eager to start work on further developing these two stations," said Leslie Sole, CEO of Television for Rogers Broadcasting Limited. "We are committed to the long term success of these stations and will ensure that
NOWTV continues to be responsive to the evolving needs of the various religious and spiritual communities that it serves."

"Trinity is excited that part of this agreement allows us to partner with Rogers in programming initiatives as well as other roles," said Jeff Thiessen,Winnipeg based Senior Vice President of Trinity Television. "Rogers has been
terrific to work with and we know that they share our excitement, enthusiasm and commitment towards the continued development of a very strong television brand."

Willard Thiessen, President of Trinity Television continues, "NOWTV represents relevant programming that impacts the community. We are proud to have made a difference in the Lower Mainland of BC with NOWTV over the last four years providing extremely relevant programming that has positively impacted the communities we serve. We are extremely grateful to staff and supporters who have worked with us to accomplish so much and with our 29 years
of TV programming serving Western Canada look forward to continuing to add value to NOWTV."

As part of the overall NOWTV transaction, Rogers has dedicated to spend $1.3 million on initiatives to support the production and distribution of Canadian religious television programming. This includes the development of a
number of new funds such as a NOWTV Documentary Fund, grants for local independent productions, and scholarship awards.

The CRTC also approved the expansion of NOWTV's broadcast into Victoria through the installation of a separate transmitter. As part of Rogers' commitment to the communities of Victoria and Vancouver Island, Rogers
will augment the NOWTV documentary fund by $250,000 and offer grants to local producers of $100,000.

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