CTV'S Biggest Television Event this Spring--CSI Finale


Last night's two-hour season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CTV will go down in the record books. The blockbuster television event, directed by Quentin Tarrantino, peaked at 5.4 million viewers in the last half-hour and had an average audience of 5 million (4.93 M), Nielsen Media Research confirms today.* The action-packed episode is the most-watched season or series finale this spring on Canadian television and the second most-watched
television event on Canadian television this year, following February's broadcast of The 77th Annual Academy Awards (5.36 M).

Last night's audience was 45 per cent larger than the series' season-to-date making it the most-watched CSI episode of all time on CTV.

The episode trounced the season finale of The Apprentice in Toronto/Hamilton, Canada's largest television market. Head-to-head against The Donald, Tarrantino's CSI episode more than doubled the audience for The Apprentice with 1.224 million viewers (versus 542,000 viewers on Global).
CSI is the leading drama on Canadian television averaging 3.404 million viewers per episode.

The Top 5 Broadcasts in Canada, 2004/2005**:

1. The 77th Annual Academy Awards, 5.36 million, February 27, 2005 (CTV)
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 4.93 million, May 19, 2005 (CTV)
3. Super Bowl XXXIX, 3.914 million, February 6, 2005 (Global)
4. The Academy Awards Pre-Show, 3.501 million, February 27, 2005 (CTV)
5. Survivor: Vanuatu, 3.345 million, December 12, 2004 (Global)

*All numbers courtesy of Nielsen Media Research
**Through May 6, 2005 (Nielsen National Audience numbers not yet available through May 20, 2005).

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