40,000 Winnipegers say "yes" to MTS TV


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The popularity of MTS TV has exploded in Winnipeg! MTS has just installed its 40,000th TV customer, and the number of
people signing up for this great service keeps on growing.

"Not only have we been expanding MTS TV to more neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, we continue to beef-up our amazing service by offering additional features, great new channels, and new theme packages all at attractive prices
customers crave," says Cheryl Barker, President MTS (Manitoba).

Some of the benefits of MTS TV service include:
- New - four more theme groups. Customers now have 30 theme groups and
over 200 channels to choose from, including time shift channels.
- Amazing digital picture and sound on every channel delivered to every
TV in the home.
- TV Call Display that appears right on the TV screen so you can
instantly see who's calling.
- Interactive services including weather information, TV listings, and
details about events at the MTS Centre.

In addition, MTS is getting ready to launch its Video On Demand service giving viewers the ability to use their remote to choose from a wide variety of movies and documentaries. Customers will be able to stop, pause, fast
forward, rewind and replay the program as often as they want.

MTS also recently launched the new MTS Bundles, providing the opportunity for customers to create their own bundle of savings from among MTS's most popular communications services: High Speed Internet, cellular, and MTS TV.
Manitobans across the province can choose any two of these services and save $10 per month - or choose all three, and save $15 per month.

"MTS has been at the forefront of delivering leading-edge products and services to Manitobans for nearly 100 years," says Barker. "We launched our TV service less than three years ago, and we are thrilled with how it has taken

MTS serves residential and business customers in the province, with a full suite of wireline voice, data services, wireless, and MTS TV services. MTS's Allstream division serves national business customers, with a
portfolio of connectivity, infrastructure management and
information technology services. MTS has an extensive national broadband fibre optic network spanning more than 24,300 kilometres that provides international connections through strategic partnerships and interconnection agreements with other international service providers.

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