Asian Television Network to Launch Aastha TV


Asian Television Network International Limited is delighted to announce that it plans to launch as part of
ATN's bouquet of South Asian Television Channels across Canada, one of India's specialty television channels and most prominent spiritual network, AASTHA TV.

We are delighted to form this programming alliance with AASTHA TV, as it is a leader in the production and distribution of Indian Devotional, Spiritual and Educational television in the Hindi Language" said Shan Chrandrasekar President and CEO of ATN in Canada.

"We are confident that Aastha TV will become a JEWEL on the ATN group of channels in Canada." Said Mr. Kirit Mehta, CEO, AASTHA Television Channel Limited. AASTHA TV brings to viewers in Canada the top-rated programs that have made AASTHA TV the No. 1 spiritual and preferred network to Asian Indians in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and the U.S.A. The AASTHA TV line-up features
spiritual discourses, cultural ceremonies and events, meditation techniques and devotional music. It charts the holy places of pilgrimage, elucidates on traditional festivals and focuses on Indian Vedic sciences like ayurveda, yoga, astrology, crystal therapy and aroma therapy.

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