Shaw ordered to add PrideVision to free preview

Vancouver - The CRTC says Shaw Cable and Star Choice violated broadcast regulations when they failed to offer a free preview of the new gay and lesbian TV channel PrideVision.

The channel complained that it was being discriminated against after PrideVision was left out of the preview.

The CRTC agreed that Shaw and Star Choice treated PrideVision ``substantially different'' than other digital stations, by requiring viewers to activate the channel. That, the commission says, put PrideVision at an undue disadvantage.

The broadcast regulator says leaving PrideVision out of the preview will be reflected in the channel's subscriber levels after the preview is over.

"We are pleased that the commission made the right decision," remarks PrideVision TV VP Marketing, Anna McCusker. "Now is the time to move on and allow Canadian digital viewers to see what we're all about."

Gay activists have filed complaints over the matter with the B.C. and Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

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