Streamlined CRTC promises better service

Ottawa - The CRTC has restructured its broadcasting, licensing and operations branch, renaming it the broadcasting operations division. The new division is aimed at offering improved service to Canadians, enabling quicker processing of broadcasting applications, while maintaining the integrity of the public process.

The changes include a reduction in the number of units from five to four and the creation of a central contact point for broadcasting industry clients to obtain information about the applications process and broadcasting matters.

The Commission believes change was needed to deal with a swiftly evolving, increasingly competitive broadcasting industry moving towards consolidation and convergence. This reorganization will make the Broadcasting Operations Division more streamlined and efficient but will not compromise the excellence this branch has brought and continues to bring to its work.

Before introducing these changes, the Commission conducted a number of studies on the former Broadcasting Licensing and Operations branch with the aim of determining how the branch could best respond to the current and future needs of industry. The CRTC also looked at how it could improve the interactions between the various branches of the Broadcasting Directorate and industry.

In response, the CRTC is reducing the number of units in the new Broadcasting Operations Division from five to four:

1. The three Regional Licensing Operations units and the Programming Analysis unit will be combined to form one large unit. Anne-Marie Murphy will be the Director of the new Broadcasting Analysis unit. Michael Amodeo and Michael Burnside will assist Anne-Marie as Chief Advisor for Radio and Television and Distribution, and Chief Advisor for Specialty and Pay-TV Services respectively.

2. Doug Wilson will be the Director of the Industry Analysis and Program Monitoring unit. This unit will supervise broadcasting undertakings and carry out the technical analysis of applications.

3. A new unit, called the Public Hearings unit will oversee public hearings and public notice processes under the direction of Peter Cussons.

4. Administrative services will be consolidated under the new Planning, Procedures and Reengineering unit under the direction of Marcel Touchette. This unit will handle the preparation and maintenance of electronic application forms, the dispatching and preparation of public files, the flow and scheduling of applications, the provision of information to clients concerning applications. This unit will also be responsible for reviewing practices and procedures, including the interaction between the various units of the Broadcasting Directorate.

The CRTC has also changed how it will deal with broadcasting industry clients at Head Office. Starting on October 9, 2001, all industry clients will be directed to one contact person for response, namely Daniel Binette at (819) 953-4405 or Support to industry clients will continue to be provided through regional offices.

The new groups' contact information is as follows:

Broadcasting Operations Group
Director General: Tony Lacombe, 819-994-0195
Administrative Assistant: Joanne Rochon, 819-997-5225

The above group is responsible for the analysis of the majority of broadcasting applications from the initial submission through to the issuance of a decision, licence or a licence amendment as well as the public process of all broadcasting applications. It also keeps track and monitors the reporting requirements and programming activities of broadcast undertakings, including radio, television, specialty, pay and pay-per-view services, and the community channels of broadcasting distribution undertakings.

Broadcasting Analysis
Director: Anne-Marie Murphy, 819-997-9220
Chief Advisor, Radio and Television: Michael Amodeo, 819-997-4689
Chief Advisor, Distribution, PayTV and Specialty: Michael Burnside, 819-997-9394

Industry Analysis & Program Monitoring
Director: Douglas Wilson, 819-997-4954
Chief, Industry Statistics: Anik Gibeault, 819-997-4538
Chief, Radio and TV Monitoring: Suzanne Dufour, 819-994-0136

Public Hearings
Manager: Peter Cussons, 819-997-9354

Planning, Procedures and Reengineering
Manager: Marcel Touchette, 819-997-9402
Specialist, External Liaison: Daniel Binette, 819-953-4405

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