Software allows streaming of local broadcast content

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, - Decisionmark Corporation, a software technology company for the broadcast industry, announced that it has been awarded U.S. patent for its Air-to-Web Broadcast Replication (AWBR) technology. The Decisionmark AWBR technology is the key to solving issues related to Internet streaming of local broadcast content. This technology enables local broadcasters to maintain the same signal area "footprint" on the Internet with streamed broadcasts as they reach with conventional over-the-air signals, alleviating copyright infringement concerns.

As it currently exists, broadcasting over the Internet challenges territorial restrictions. The problem is that the Internet is global and the U.S. system of broadcasting is local. Many streaming sites have failed due to this problem, including iCraveTV and various radio sites across the country. By placing Decisionmark's Air-to-Web Broadcast Replication technology between the broadcaster and the consumer, it ensures that consumers receive the appropriate local programming.

Decisionmark's landmark technology patent is the second patent the company has been awarded that aids the broadcast arena. Patent number 6,147,642 was issued last November and is the basis for the Direct Broadcast Satellite delivery of distant network programming.

For three years, Decisionmark's Geneva technology has been used by satellite TV companies to screen potential satellite subscribers of distant network broadcasts, under the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (SHVIA). The local network-affiliated broadcasters also use the technology to monitor activity according to the SHVIA.

Decisionmark's AWBR technology imposes geographic parameters on the otherwise global Internet. Employing its patented technologies and up-to-date broadcast data, Decisionmark verifies whether or not a particular address is within the over-the-air signal area of a broadcaster. Based on confirmation, the viewer or listener is then given access to a broadcaster's stream over the Internet.

The goal of AWBR is to provide the technology and data that will allow content to be delivered over the Internet with the same copyright protections currently enjoyed by broadcast, cable and satellite delivery. This solution will allow the 15,000 + radio and 2,000 + television stations around the country to take their content online and maintain compliance with copyright laws.

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