Rogers Video Launches Online Subscription Rental Service


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Rogers Video has announced the launch of an online subscription rental service, Rogers Video Direct. With more than 33,000 DVD titles to choose from, Rogers Video Direct adds the convenience of online shopping and a bigger DVD library to the Rogers Video experience.

"Rogers Video Direct is an ideal complement to our more than 300 Rogers Video stores," says Chuck van der Lee, President & CEO of Rogers Video. "An average Rogers Video store carries 4,000 different movie titles and adding
this online component provides our customers with access to thousands of additional titles. It also brings the Rogers Video brand to every market and community that is served by Canada Post."

Using technology and inventory, and shipping through Canada Post, Rogers Video Direct offers the convenience of renting online with home delivery.

Customers can sign up for one of four pricing plans which allow for the rental of up to three, six, 12 or 16 movies per month for an all-inclusive price that includes all shipping costs. Under the program, customers create a
list of DVDs they would like to rent through the Rogers Video Direct Web site, which provides comprehensive movie title listings with quick access to the popular Rogers Video Web site. Every title on the Rogers Video Direct site includes a synopsis, cast & director list, DVD features, and more.

Once the list is in, one or more of the requested DVDs are mailed to the customer for viewing, based on the pricing plan chosen. Once viewed, the customer simply mails them back at no charge in a return envelope supplied. There are no deadlines and no additional charges. Once received by Rogers Video Direct, the next movie(s) on the list is automatically mailed out to the customer.

Rogers Video Direct offers customers four different membership plans depending on the number of DVDs the customer wants to rent each month. Plans range from $10.95 per month to $34.95.

Rogers Video is the largest Canadian video retailer to introduce an online subscription service in Canada. This additional rental channel allows Rogers Video to capitalize on the projected increase in consumer spending on online DVD rental in Canada and to offer customers greater breadth of titles,including TV and documentaries. If a DVD is commercially available in Canada,then Rogers Video Direct will have it for rent, if not, tell us where we can get it, and we will!

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