Rogers sets pricing for digital chanels

Toronto - With rates ranging from $2.49 for an individual channel to $37.99 a month for a package of fifty of the new digital channels, Rogers Cable announced today how its new roster of digital specialty services will be offered to customers.

The flexible options will let customers choose a-la-carte, buy theme packs, and create their own lineups among the new channels. Choosing five of the new channels is $9.95 per month; 10 is $14.95; 15 is $18.75; 20 is $20.99; and 30 is $26.99.

The theme packs are More Movies for $6.99; Sports for $7.99; Lifestyle for $6.99; Family for $6.99; Facts and Fiction for $6.99; Digital Mix for $6.99 and Timeshifting for $6.99.

Gay and lesbian service PrideVision TV is being sold as a stand-alone service for $7.95 per month.

The prices mentioned above don't include a digital set top, which is a $10.95 a month charge.

The new packaging only involves the new channels as existing analog channels will remain in their traditional tiered structure for the foreseeable future for digital customers. The CRTC recently asked that the Digital Migration Working Group be reconvened to tackle this and other issues in 2002 (see "Digital migration working group to re-convene [11/2/2001]" on this site).

Rogers also announced two "Best Value" packages that combine all of the analog and digital channels, for $69.99 per month (not including pay TV channels) and $85.99 per month (with pay TV), which includes a digital set-top box.

"Customers have told us they want choice," said John Tory, president and CEO of Rogers Cable in a press release, "and now, only through Rogers, they have any and all the options they want as well as the largest selection of new digital channels in Canada."

Rogers is also pushing on-line ordering by offering customers who place their digital channel orders through a $10 credit on their next invoice, with a special offer of $20 off the next invoice if the order is placed through the website prior to December 22, 2001.

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