Zenith delivers HDTV set-top receiver

Lincolnshire, Ill., Zenith Electronics Corporation has begun shipments of its DTV1080 digital HDTV set-top receiver, which features the company's latest digital television (DTV) reception circuitry.

In addition to receiving all ATSC formats for terrestrial DTV broadcasts, the DTV1080 receives DIRECTV high-definition and standard-definition satellite signals, as well as NTSC analog TV signals. For improved terrestrial DTV reception and noise immunity, this set-top box features Zenith's third- generation "VSB" digital TV chip.

The DTV1080 connects to any type of digital or analog TV or monitor, because it outputs signals at 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i and offers a wide range of jacks. Its extensive jack pack includes an RGB 15-pin output, optical and coaxial Dolby Digital outputs, switchable component video connections, a DIRECTV input, two RF inputs and one output, one S-Video output and two A/V outputs, a Smart Card slot, modem, phone jack, calibration port and EZ-Link port.

Built-in aspect ratio correction automatically switches between widescreen (16:9) and conventional (4:3) format images, and provides various Zoom modes, while Dolby Digital processing provides CD-quality 5.1-channel surround sound.

DIRECTV's Advanced Program Guide, which is included, delivers program integration between various signal sources: digital terrestrial, analog terrestrial/cable and satellite.

The DTV1080 receiver also includes a 3D Y/C comb filter that digitally controls and separates color (chroma) and picture (luminance) information, resulting in excellent picture detail and an enhanced line doubler/upconverter designed to sharpen picture quality from analog signals and upconvert signals to higher formats.

A tuning indicator helps to install the optional DIRECTV multi-satellite dish antenna. Additional features include parental control, channel labels, favorite channel selection, multi-room signal capability, and a universal remote control with thumbstick operation.

The DTV1080 HD Satellite Set-Top Receiver is available now from Zenith dealers at a suggested price of $799.

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