CTV's McQueen calls it quits

Toronto - Trina McQueen, president and COO of CTV Inc. announced today that she will retire as of January 7, 2002.

McQueen has had a long and distinguished career in Canadian broadcasting. "My years at CTV have been the most exciting and interesting of my career," she said. "I will always count myself fortunate that Ivan Fecan asked me to work with him and his team in a time of unparalleled growth and transformation at CTV.

"However, 2002 will mark my 35th year in television. I am ready for a little less excitement; and less excitement is one thing CTV can never guarantee," McQueen added.

"Trina McQueen is a consummate professional who's at the top of her game," said Ivan Fecan, president and CEO of CTV's owner Bell Globemedia and CEO of CTV. "She has successfully overseen the integration of NetStar and CTV, CTV's license renewals, the digital channels and recruited new leaders to CTV News. We go back almost 20 years, and that's a rarity in this business. I'll miss her - everyone will miss her."

McQueen will stay on for six months as deputy chair of CTV in order to complete a number of special projects. "During this same period, I'll be trying to talk her into staying on in some capacity with CTV," added Fecan.

When she becomes deputy chair, McQueen's existing job will be split into two: NetStar and CTV. NetStar, which includes four analog specialty channels, (TSN, RDS, OLN and Discovery), Dome Productions plus the digital channels WTSN, the NHL Network, Discovery Civilization, ESPN Classic Canada, Animal Planet and CTV Travel, is run by Rick Brace, president of NetStar, who will now report directly to Mr. Fecan.

CTV Television, comprising the CTV Network, 27 conventional stations, and four specialty channels (Newsnet, ROBTv, Comedy and talktv) will also have its own president.

While he searches for a new CTV president, Fecan will assume those duties.

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