Canadian ISP to deliver TV to PC

Saint John, N.B. - Aliant Telecom today announced a technical breakthrough with the development of software which enables the delivery of high-quality television to personal computers.

The subscription-based application will operate on the eastern telco's broadband network. Subscribers will be able to surf the Internet while watching television, allowing them to interact real-time with content located on the Internet.

"In its simplest terms it offers an enhanced online experience by providing high-quality television viewing directly to the PC. It is a truly convergent solution that takes the PC to the next level of interactivity" said Chris Keevill, president, Aliant Telecom Broadband Services.

Using the benefits of new MPEG-4 video technology, Aliant will be delivering high-quality television to the computer using 500 Kbps of network bandwidth, which is well within the capacity of the company's network. As well, the service requires no additional tuner cards or expensive software and plays on an average Pentium II computer running Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher as a web browser, with 64 Mbytes of RAM.

"This technology is not intended to replace the television. It is an enhancement of the consumer's broadband experience giving them more from their existing Aliant high-speed Internet connection," added Keevill. "The service being developed is a very intuitive web-based application allowing customers to access television, change channels and adjust volume."

Aliant anticipates bringing this technology to market in Atlantic Canada before the end of 2001. The initial offering will feature a variety of the most popular Canadian and American channels. Bell Globemedia Networks' TSN, ATV, and CTV Newsnet will be included in the line-up as well as CBC; CBS; MuchMusic; CBC Newsworld; ABC; NBC; and SRC, with plans to expand this offering in the future.

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