Sunday simulcast to promote new digital channels

Toronto - In a groundbreaking co-operative move, Canada's cable and satellite providers will join forces on Sunday to simulcast a National Geographic Channel special on NBC, which will help promote all of the new digital specialty services.

"SuperCroc" will air December 9th from 7 to 9 p.m. as a promotional vehicle for all the new digital channels.

Canada's major cable and satellite distributors, including Bell ExpressVu, Cogeco, Rogers, Shaw and Star Choice will replace a national NBC feed with Alliance Atlantis' new digital channel, National Geographic Channel, in most major markets.

The broadcast will promote all of the newly launched networks during commercial breaks.

"It was a privilege to take the lead among broadcasters in order to bring viewers this unprecedented event in such an innovative way," said Phyllis Yaffe, CEO of Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting. "The broadcasting community has come together to create an incredibly powerful opportunity to expose close to 10 million viewers to National Geographic Channel and all of the channels on the new digital tier."

The two-hour broadcast of "SuperCroc", for which National Geographic Channel has exclusive Canadian rights, will feature paleontologist and National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence Dr. Paul Sereno as he unearths an amazing discovery - the remains of an ancient crocodile which is the length of a city bus.

Dr. Sereno then teams up with National Geographic reptile expert Dr. Brady Barr for an adventurous trek into the wild, in search of clues from today's largest and most voracious living crocodiles to bring SuperCroc back to life.

"This is sure to be truly informative and entertaining simulcast which will give viewers the opportunity to see the benefits of the new digital tier and help to drive digital penetration to the benefit of all - viewers, broadcasters and distributors," added Yaffe.

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