Canada new media fund launched

Montreal, - Telefilm Canada last week introduced the 2001-02 guidelines for the Canada New Media Fund, which replaces the former Multimedia Fund created in 1998.

"This is welcome news, since the new media industry will now have means equal to its ambitions" said François Macerola, Chair of Telefilm Canada's Board. "With annual resources increasing from $6 million to $9 million, the Fund will support all new media industry activities and bolster the industry's visibility at home and abroad. Our thanks go to Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps, to our colleagues at the Department, to the Fund's Advisory Committee and to the industry. The launch of this fund is the result of a collective effort to ensure a strong Canadian presence in new creation and distribution technologies."

The Canada New Media Fund includes three sections:
 Product assistance – financial support for the pre-development, development, production and marketing/distribution of original cultural new media products
 Distribution assistance – financial support for online distribution projects aimed at enhancing the availability and visibility of existing Canadian new media products; industry support in the form of Telefilm market participation is also provided through this section.
 Sectoral development assistance – support for activities that benefit the entire industry by encouraging promotion and professional and industrial development

The Corporation will favour new media projects that are original and of high quality, have good commercial potential, come from small and medium-size companies, and reflect the linguistic duality and cultural diversity of Canadian society.

"Several aspects of our new media support have been improved," explained Johanne St-Arnauld, Interim Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. "The Corporation now offers financing in the form of advances repayable from revenues, rather than loans, which were a hindrance for an industry in the start-up phase. In addition, the Fund supports a wider range of products, and our application submission dates have been set to ensure a suitable allocation of resources and facilitate industry planning."

The deadlines for applications to be considered in 2001-02 are as follows:
 Product assistance: January 7, 2002
 Distribution assistance: January 7, 2002
 Sectoral development assistance: No deadlines; applications will be assessed on receipt.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their requests as soon as possible in order to expedite processing.

Don't miss the webcast on December 13, 2001
A webcast presenting the 2001-2002 guidelines is planned and will be held on December 13, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.(E.S.T). To participate go to the webcast page on the Telefilm Canada website (

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