FCC begins reallocating channels

Washington, DC - The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has begun the process of reallocating television Channels 52-59 (the 698-746 MHz spectrum band) for new commercial wireless and broadcast services. The Commission also proposed rules for the licensing, operating, and competitive bidding of wireless and other licenses in this 48 MHz of spectrum. The FCC is reclaiming this spectrum for new commercial services as part of its transition of TV broadcasting from analog to digital transmission systems.

The FCC previously reallocated the upper portion of the 700 MHz band (747-806 MHz, or television Channels 60-69), and adopted service and licensing rules for this spectrum. It allocated 24 megahertz for public safety, 30 MHz for new commercial services, and created a 6 megahertz guard band. The Commission is in the process of licensing the Guard Band, and will auction the remaining 30 megahertz of commercial spectrum commencing September 12, 2001.

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