ExpressVu pulls hard-core porn channels

Toronto, - Responding to a CBC-TV program that airs tonight, Bell ExpressVu has stopped broadcast of two adult film channels, True Blue and Extasy. The organization said it took the step as soon as it became "aware of concerns about programming content which have recently been raised through the media."

CBC-TV's the Fifth Estate charges that Canadian satellite and cable companies frequently purchase the hardest core pornography they can find to attract the highest-paying customers. The show airs tonight at 8 p.m.

"We feel it's important to respond promptly and to investigate any concerns that have been raised with respect to the quality standards of our programming," says David McLennan, president and COO, Bell ExpressVu.

ExpressVu says it has developed and maintains an adult programming distribution policy and associated practices that it says ensures compliance with the legal and regulatory standards governing the broadcast of adult programming by pay-per-view licensees in Canada. Specifically, the policy restricts the broadcast of material depicting sexual degradation, violence, humiliation or dehumanization.

It claims both channels are comprised of programming provided by a supplier who is contractually obligated to comply with all applicable Canadian laws and programming standards which meet the requirements of its distribution policy.

But it adds that the two channels will be stopped indefinitely while it reviews the concerns raised to ensure compliance with its distribution policy and practices.

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