CBC to receive NAB international broadcasting award

Washington, D.C., The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Radio Sonora, Jakarta, Indonesia, will receive the National Association of Broadcasters' 2002 International Broadcasting Excellence Awards. The awards will be presented at the International Dinner, April 10, at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is recognized in the network category for its unique innovations and effective utilization of resources to advance the business of broadcasting.

Specifically, the CBC is being lauded for its National Satellite DVC Project, a system of advanced video coding and modulation technologies that has created an efficient network for the distribution of multiple television programs by satellite.

The CBC design has provided a unique new tool for broadcasters to distribute their programming with high video quality and high spectrum efficiency, maximizing the value of the satellite transponder asset. The DVC project permitted the conversion of CBC English Television's satellite distribution network from a fully analog to a fully digital system.

Radio Sonora of Jakarta, Indonesia, is recognized in the single station category for its sustained efforts to improve the lives of its listening audience, through local public affairs programming and off-air community service.

Radio Sonora strives to meet the constant news and information needs of its listeners on-air 24-hours a day. Beyond programming, Radio Sonora runs blood drives, provides food for the needy and raises funds for charities. Radio Sonora's response to the tragic Jakarta floods in January has been phenomenal.

Station employees not only coordinated flood victim assistance, they opened a bank account for people wanting to help, collected food and medicine, and even purchased three rubber boats to distribute vital commodities.

The NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award, established in 1995, recognizes international broadcasters who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing the broadcast industry and the services they provide to their community and audiences.

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