Minimum Order $900 (Flat)
Base Cost $350.00/M
Transmission Fee $100.00/M

Nth $0.00 /M
Province $25.00 /M
FSA $25.00 /M

Employee Size $25.00 /M
Function $25.00 /M
Industry $25.00 /M
One/company location $25.00 /M
Split (each) $250.00 /F
Publication Email Count
Bodyshop Professional 3,479
Broadcaster 5,569
Building 2,318
Cabling Networking Systems 2,387
Canadian Architect 7,707
Canadian Business Database 108,000
Canadian Consulting Engineer 5,754
Canadian Industrial Equipment News 8,908
Canadian Interiors 2,964
Canadian Medical Directory: Physicians 12,000
Canadian Mining Journal 5,002
Canadian Plastics 5,027
Canadian Transportation Logistics 9,036
Canadian Underwriter 3,898
Centre Magazine 4,585
Claims Canada 3,282
Dental Practice Management 7,512
French Business Database 25,000
Gifts & Tableware 2,580
Hazardous Materials Management 4,471
Health & Safety Database 14,000
Health Care Professionals 10,000
Health Professionals-Nurs.Homes/Clinics 1,700
Hr Professionals 5,000
Jobber News 8,497
L'Automobile Carrosserie et mecanique 2,130
Laboratory Product News 6,915
Les Papetières du Quebec 1,987
Machinery & Equipment MRO 8,770
Mediacaster 2,413
Motor Truck 5,981
Oral Health 7,670
Process & Engineering 10,000
Pulp & Paper Canada 3,583
Sales and Marketing Professionals 20,000
Scottsinfo. Administrative Database 14,000
Scottsinfo. Education Database 10,000
Scottsinfo. Library Database 1,500
Scottsinfo.Medical: Dentists 8,000
Scottsinfo.Medical: Health Units 1,000
Scottsinfo.Medical: Hospitals 470
Scottsinfo.Medical: Nursing Homes 500
Scottsinfo.Medical: Pharmacists 1,700
Scottsinfo.Medical: Professionals-English 18,000
Scottsinfo.Medical: Professionals-French 12,000
Senior Managers 48,000
Service Station and Garage Management 5,510
Small Businesses 60,000
Solid Waste & Recycling 4,354
The Northern Miner 4000
Truck News 6572

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