CHUM's New VI won't air Sept. 11 attack images


Victoria, BC - The New VI will mark the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks without the familiar visual images associated with the day, but with a day of community involvement.

"The New VI has chosen to forgo graphic images in favour of a more community-oriented approach," says New VI News Director Clint Nickerson. "It is our intention to treat the anniversary with sensitivity and respect, and to minimize the perpetuation of fear and grief that are the currency of terrorists."

The station will open its doors to the community from 7 am to 9 pm, inviting Islanders to drop in to take part in an on-going roundtable. Community members' thoughts will be recorded live-to-tape for intermittent broadcast throughout the day. The roundtable - with rotating hosts including Moe Sihota, Tasha Larson, Erick Thompson, and Laura Acton -will continue live into VI Land News at 5 pm, and into a special Talktv at 8 pm.

The New VI's on-air day will begin, as usual, with New Day, broadcast live from 7 to 9 am from Nanaimo. New Day host Bruce Williams will hold an open-forum at The New VI's mid-Island bureau, speaking with representatives from CFB Comox, local counselors, and security experts.

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