Coalition formed to halt satellite piracy


Vancouver, - The Coalition Against Satellite Signal Theft (CASST) has launched its public awareness campaign highlighting the April 26 Supreme Court of Canada decision upholding the law that states stealing satellite signals in Canada is theft.

The unveiling took place at the DTH Piracy - The Battle Continues session at the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) 76th Annual Convention in Vancouver. The session was attended by broadcast industry leaders from across the country.

The national bilingual multimedia (print, radio, television) campaign is scheduled to run from mid-October to the end of December.

"Stamping out the theft of satellite signals is crucial to the survival of the Canadian broadcasting industry - theft is theft, and stealing satellite signals is no different" says Glenn O'Farrell President and CEO of the CAB.

CASST is made up of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, Canadian Cable Television Association, Canadian Film and Television Production Association, Canadian Motion Picture Distribution Association, and their members. It also includes the Canadian Television Fund, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu, A & E Television Networks, the Film and Video Security Office, the North American Broadcaster Association, the Society of Composers, Authors, Music Publishers of Canada and Star Choice.

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