Signal theft coalition launches Web site


Ottawa, - The Coalition Against Satellite Signal Theft (CASST) recently launched a Web site to go with its public awareness campaign highlighting the April 26 Supreme Court of Canada decision upholding the law that states stealing satellite signals in Canada is theft.

It can be found at

The theft of satellite signals threatens the Canadian broadcasting system by approximately $400 million per year in copyright and subscription fees, which are not being paid to Canada's artists, actors, broadcasters, cable and satellite companies, affecting jobs of many Canadians.

Unfortunately, the police in Canada have yet to see fit to act and shut down the dealers of this illegal equipment.

CASST has launched a frontal attack in the form of litigation against the dealers and has sought private enforcement through the Film and Video Security Office of the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association. With the launch of the public awareness campaign in print and radio (with TV coming) CASST is informing the public of the Supreme Court of Canada decision that stealing satellite signals is theft.

"We are not asking law enforcement to focus on individual homes but on dealers," says a CASST statement signed by Canadian Cable Television Association president and CEO Janet Yale, Canadian Association of Broadcasters president and CEO Glenn O'Farrell and Elizabeth McDonald, president and CEO of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association.

"Dealers have in some instances misled buyers saying that the courts are still sorting this out - alluding to plans to make this a Charter argument. We find this argument disingenuous. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not include the right to steal," says the statement.

If only the cops would get on side.

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