Daniel Gourd to head CBC French TV


Montreal, - The CBC has appointed Daniel Gourd to the position of executive vice-president, French Television.

Gourd joined the French Television team in 1985. He worked on the Le Point team for five years; he then produced religious and regional programming for the French Television network. He has successively occupied the positions of manager, corporate affairs and bargaining coordinator, French Networks (1994-1996), director, Human Resources, French Networks (1996-1998), and general manager, scheduling and communications, French Networks (1998-1999). He was named general manager, programming, French Television in 1999, and has served as interim vice-president, French Television, since July 2002, following the departure of Michèle Fortin.

He was also a reporter at French Radio from 1972 to 1979, after having worked for Radio-Nord, a family-owned business, as a reporter, newscaster and information manager. Between 1979 and 1985, his activities included a stint as information manager of the Radio-Television Network of Djibouti, in addition to teaching journalism at the University of Dakar and helping to launch the Télé-Québec program "Nord Sud".

Having spent the majority of his career in the public service, Gourd has been one of the driving forces behind major achievements of public broadcasting. "As a man who believes that continuity and evolution are equally important, his programming and management decisions have always been made - and continue to be made - within the framework of a public service mandate and corporate culture to which he is totally committed, and that take into account the realities of a television environment with which he is intimately familiar," says the CBC in a statement.

For the upcoming year, one of Gourd's priorities will be to complete the repositioning of the French Television Network, a process he has already begun. This will allow the network to provide citizens and viewers with television programs that remain relevant and suited to their needs.

When his appointment was announced, he stated that while he was "pleased", he was also "aware of the magnitude of the challenge he would be facing." He added, "I have nothing but confidence in CBC/Radio-Canada's ability to think and act as a team to ensure a bright and successful future."

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