CHUM TV to begin HDTV broadcasting in February


Toronto, - CHUM Television announced yesterday that the CRTC has approved its application for a digital over-the-air licence for its Toronto station Citytv.

The decision will allow for the first high-definition television (HDTV) signal to emanate from a Canadian broadcaster.

CHUM's early adoption to digital over-the-air transmission will provide viewers in the Toronto area with free access to digital sound and a widescreen (16:9) picture. The signal will operate from the CN Tower on channel 53.

Citytv Toronto anticipates the launch of its over-the-air digital signal by mid-February 2003. However the station will be available to Rogers HD digital subscribers on cable channel 286, as of January 16, where it will air Mission Impossible 2 in HDTV at 9pm EST. The service will also soon be available on other participating cable and satellite providers.

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