CHUM TV picks up 5 awards at the N.Y. Festival


Toronto, - CHUM Television was honoured with five awards at The New York Festivals' 45th Annual International Television Programming and Promotion Awards.

The awards recognize the world's best work in news, documentaries, entertainment, children's programming, music videos and promotion spots. The awards were announced in New York at the Marriott Marquis on Friday, January 18, 2003. Over 2400 entries, spanning 33 countries, were received from broadcast and cable networks, stations and production companies.

Collectively, the creative and production teams at Drive-In Classics, Citytv, MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic were honoured with one gold, two silver, one bronze and a finalist certificate.

GOLD WORLD MEDAL - Drive-in Classics, "Car Crazy"
Category: Station/Image Promotion
Station: Drive-In Classics
Director/Writer/Producer: Gord McWatters
Editor/Sound Design: Daragh Sankey
Talent: Bob Cook
SILVER WORLD MEDAL - Citytv, "Speakers Corner: Socks and Sandals"
Category: Information/Magazine Promotion
Station: Citytv
Producer: Paula Virany
Creative Director: Peter Whittington
Art Director: Carolyn Graziani

SILVER WORLD MEDAL - Citytv, "CityPulse: Disabled Families; A Life Sentence"
Category: Inserts: Special Report
Station: Citytv
Reporter: Gord Martineau
Editor: Leo Jablonski

BRONZE WORLD MEDAL: MuchMusic, "A MuchMusic Special - Afghanistan"
Category: Educational/Instructional Secondary
Station: MuchMusic
Producer: Paul Templeman
Host: Jennifer Hollett
Camera: David Hurlbut
Editor: Jesse Shamata

FINALIST CERTIFICATE: MuchMoreMusic, "The Story of...Ozzy Osbourne/Kiss"
Category: Talk/Interview
Station: MuchMoreMusic
Producer/Host/Editor - Bill Welychka
Senior Producer: Morgen Flury

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