CBC host Shelagh Rogers on medical leave


Toronto, - Shelagh Rogers, host of CBC Radio's Sounds Like Canada, is taking a medical leave for ``a month or two,'' her lawyer and agent Michael Levine said Friday, the Globe and Mail reported.

The medical condition is said to be high blood pressure.

Refusing to comment on rumours that Rogers is unhappy with the show and her diminished role, Levine said his client was very tired and suffering stress.

``We had an ebullient conversation today, but she is genuinely exhausted. I can't say a great deal, but I believe the leave will be relatively brief, a month or two.''

Rogers herself said Friday that she is ``on medical leave. It is not a stress leave. It is because I have high blood pressure, although I don't really think that's anyone's business.''

There have been rumours almost since Sounds Like Canada went to air last October that Rogers was growing disgruntled. Her show, a
successor to This Morning, had been cut to two hours from three to accommodate the more hard-hitting The Current. And large parts of the Rogers show have been effectively moved outside her domain, produced as shows-within-the-show; Rogers simply introduces them. Recently, another segment was carved out to provide 10-minute local news updates.

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