CanWest dropping "Southam" name from newspaper group


Winnipeg, - CanWest is dropping the historic name of its Southam Newspapers group, founded by the Southam family 126 years ago and purchased by CanWest from Hollinger Inc. three years ago.

Eliminating the Southam name became easier after members of the Southam family joined in attacking CanWest last year for requiring its papers to publish editorials written at the company's head office in Winnipeg, Asper said.

``We couldn't find any reason to keep the name and we wanted to put our stamp on the company,'' he said in an interview while visiting Global Television's suburban Toronto studios.

The newspaper division has been renamed CanWest Publications.

Camilleri brings to his new position a reputation as a cost-cutter acquired as president of Sony Music Entertainment (Canada).

Asper said employees can expect ``continued vigilance'' on costs while maintaining that Camilleri's job is to advance the convergence of broadcast and newspaper properties.

CanWest is $3.8 billion in debt, mainly from its $3.2-billion purchase of the National Post and the Southam group.

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