Canucks ban radio station's reporters


Vancouver, - The Vancouver Canucks have revoked the accreditation of reporters from The Team 1040 and withdrawn all advertising from the all-sports radio station over comments an announcer made about the wife of NHL all-star forward Todd Bertuzzi.

Dave Cobb, Vancouver's chief operating officer, confirmed the Canucks action Tuesday but refused further comment.

Cobb also wouldn't say how much longer the team would give the station the cold shoulder.

The Canucks reacted Thursday after John Conners, a member of the station's morning crew, said to his on-air partner `hey, you said you'd like to blank, blank, blank Todd Bertuzzi's wife.'''

After being told of the comments, a furious Bertuzzi contacted the Canucks public relations staff. Team 1040 reporters were prevented from attending that night's game against Edmonton.

The Canucks are on a road trip and don't play in Vancouver again until Monday night.

It's unlikely the team will lift the ban if Conners remains at the station.

``I cannot see a 1040 microphone being put in front of Todd or any of his teammate's faces while John Conners is still working at that station,'' said one source.

Station manager Paul Ski said he's investigating the incident.

``I'm still trying to clarify everything with the Canucks,'' he said. ``That's where I am at this point.''

Conners hasn't been heard on the air since his comments, but Ski refused to speculate on his future with the station.

``That I'm not in a position to make any comment on,'' Ski said.

The station and the Canucks clashed in the past over comments made by Conners.

Last fall, during an on-air interview with fan favourite Trevor Linden, Conners suggested the former Canucks captain played soft and was overpaid.

Canucks general manager Brian Burke was angry over the treatment of his player and contacted the station.

Conners was suspended and the station ran advertisement apologizing to Linden.

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