CBC to launch multimedia magazine for the PC


On February 17, CBC will launch Home Delivery, a full-screen multimedia magazine that delivers CBC's content automatically to subscribers' desktops each week. Home Delivery is not a web page, but a digital package showcasing material from CBC Television, Radio and New Media.

Produced by CBC Radio 3, the magazine-style issues will contain feature items and shorter pieces, presented in full-screen video that includes audio and text. Home Delivery eliminates the downloading and searching associated with browsing - and it's packaged for high-quality, high-impact viewing on a desktop. You can view the sample issue right now at http://www.cbchomedelivery.com and subscribe from there.

The content includes some of the best stories from CBC Radio and TV programs like the fifth estate, The National, Canada Now, The Nature of Things, Ideas, Dispatches, The World This Weekend and Outfront. Everything from short documentaries to investigative journalism pieces to first-person radio narratives will sit on your computer, where you can fast forward, pause, rewind and play them again and again without having to wait for long downloads.

How is it delivered? Home Delivery uses a compact software client that transparently downloads each issue while the user is connected to the Internet and not using their computer. Once a complete issue has been delivered, the user is notified that a new issue is available for viewing. From there, it's all a matter of clicks.

A subscription to Home Delivery means you will find a new issue on your computer each week, automatically, without having to go get it.

This is a 10-week trial project running from February 17 to April 21.

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