Global unveils plan to revitalize CKRD in Red Deer


Toronto, - Global Communications Ltd. announced today a plan to revitalize television station CKRD in Red Deer, Alberta.

The plan calls for CKRD's disaffiliation from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the introduction of the popular CH television program schedule into the Alberta marketplace via CKRD. Global has reached an agreement with the CBC on the terms of disaffiliation and filed the necessary application to affect the plan, with the CRTC.

The plans says Global, will ensure for the first time ever, that full CBC service will be available to viewers in the Red Deer community, at virtually no cost to the CBC.

The CH service, which is currently available in its entirety in Hamilton and on Vancouver Island, and on a partial basis in Montreal, will bring new Canadian, U.S., Aboriginal, ethnic and regional programming to Red Deer, Edmonton and Calgary viewers.

"Our plan, subject to CRTC approval, will provide significant benefits to the many viewers in Central Alberta that make CKRD their viewing choice, as well as the larger Alberta market by adding diversity of television programming through local/regional and quality prime-time programming, while having a minimal impact on existing broadcasters," said Ray McBeth, CKRD's general manager.

The new revitalized CKRD will provide Alberta viewers with the best of Canadian and U.S. programming, while reflecting Alberta's cultural diversity.This service will also maintain and enhance local news and programming says Global. Its new CH schedule will include several popular and critically acclaimed U.S. series currently not available on local television, including The Shield, Dateline, The Agency and 60 Minutes.

The new schedule will also bring new Canadian drama series to central Alberta, including Jeremiah and the Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Movies. As well there will be 10 hours a week of programming directly relevant to Alberta's ethnic communities, plus Aboriginal programming reflective of this diverse community.

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