Movie Network debuts "custom-tailored" channels


Toronto, - In an attempt to break through the clutter of movie channels available to viewers, The Movie Network is rebranding its existing channels. Launching Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 6:00 a.m. ET, the channels currently listed as M2, M3 and M4 will be known as MFun!, MExcess and MEscape, respectively.

"We are very excited entering this new phase in the evolution of The Movie Network brand. Delineating The Movie Network channels towards distinctive segments demonstrates our commitment to our subscribers in providing them the most relevant, meaningful and best source of programming on television today. With this new phase The Movie Network moves one step closer to becoming a "must have" network in all Eastern Canadian homes," said Domenic Vivolo, senior vice-president, marketing and sales.

The new channel launch initiative is a continuation of its successful March 2001 re-brand of both The Movie Network and Mpix (as well as Mpix2, The Movie Network's sister stations, playing the best of classic movies). In September 2001, came the first delineation of the MFest channel (formerly M5) as the home for festival and art house films.

The Movie Network's offerings will include seven distinct destinations with over 350 titles per month created specifically to reflect the viewing preferences of key segments in the TV movie-watching marketplace:

* The Movie Network remains as its flagship channel and the destination for all the big original movies and series premieres such as "The Sopranos" and "Six Feet Under".

* MFun! is positioned to all audiences as the place for a humourous diversion from the daily grind.

* MExcess is positioned to young men and women looking for entertainment filled with high adrenaline with a sexy, thrilling edge.

* MEscape is geared towards the more mature audience seeking a diverse selection of quality films, featuring strong, intelligent stories and satisfying emotional release.

* MFest continues as the destination for film festival lovers.

* Mpix & Mpix2 continue as the destinations for the best in classic movies.

The Movie Network, Mpix and Mpix2 are part of Astral Television Networks, owned and operated by Astral Media.

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