Znaimer steps down as president of CHUM TV


Toronto, - Moses Znaimer, one of the original founders of Citytv, is stepping down as the head of 17 CHUM Ltd television stations.

Znaimer, who will also leave his post as vice-president of corporate development, will focus on "distance education" and "lifelong learning" projects.

He will continue to serve as director, chairman and executive producer of Learning and Skills Television of Alberta Limited - which owns and operates Alberta's educational station ACCESS, Canadian Learning Television, BookTelevision: The Channel, CourtTV Canada and The Learning Annex.

In addition, Znaimer will continue with his notable personal projects, including the ideaCity Conference and the MZTV Museum of Television, both of which will continue to be sponsored by CHUM. Znaimer will also provide advisory services to CHUM and assist with CHUM's international business development.

"I'm aiming to do a few things I've not done before such as producing movies, maybe doing that book that everyone's been urging me to write; even trying my hand at something completely different," Znaimer said in a statement.

Citytv, Toronto's first independent television station launched in 1972. It was acquired by CHUM in 1979.

The broadcast company owns and operates 29 radio stations, eight local television stations and 17 specialty channels.

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