Award-winning CBC journalist David McLauchlin dies


MONTREAL(CP) - David McLauchlin, a CBC national radio reporter whose vivid storytelling resulted in award-winning reports and documentaries, has died of brain cancer. He was 56.

The Montreal-based McLauchlin was remembered by colleagues as a role model. "He cared so much about people it just transpired in everything he did,'" CBC reporter Bernard St-Laurent said from Toronto. "He was one of the most generous and giving people I have ever known."

McLauchlin, an avid musician and fisherman in his free time, was the first civilian to win the International Firefighters Award after reporting that firefighters had a higher risk of dying from certain cancers because of hazards such as burning plastics.

Among his many citations was one from the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada for his series about a generation of men from a Dene community who died of cancer because they hauled uranium ore from a mine in jute sacks on their shoulders.

His last big project took him to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in December to investigate the mining of coltan, used to make integrated circuits in mobile phones.

CBC producer David Gutnick said it was typical of McLauchlin's generosity that while there he ordered a wheelchair for a polio victim called Tappy who begged outside his hotel.

"He even sent money back to help Tappy," Gutnick added. "That's a story that never made it to air."

McLauchlin, who died Sunday in hospital, is survived by his wife Lynn and two sons, Matthew and Theodore. A funeral will be held Thursday in Montreal.

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