CTF announces 26 projects splitting extra $12.5 million


TORONTO - The Canadian Television Fund's (CTF) Equity Investment Program (EIP), administered by Telefilm Canada, announced today where the advance of $12.5 million on next year's budget is going.

"With the additional $12.5 million, we are able to invest in a number of high-profile dramas series and movies of the week, such as Wonderland and The Collector, as well as children's productions, including Mental Block and 2030CE, which were previously unable to access funding or that were insufficiently financed to guarantee they could move into production," said Telefilm Canada's executive director Richard Stursberg. For more background, click here.

"As well, we are supporting a number of important regional productions," he added. "Regional producers play a vital role in bringing the diversity of Canada to Canadian television screens, but face unique challenges in attracting adequate financing for the projects. We have responded by committing to a number of French-language dramas, children's programs and documentaries based outside of Montreal, including FranCoeur, Paul et Suzanne, Chambre No 13 and Capsules Zérolimite. "

A list of the productions recently financed by the Equity Investment Program is attached as well as can be found on the CTF web site at

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