C-FAX 1070 radio-thon raises over $205,000


VICTORIA, B.C. - C-FAX 1070 listeners made pledges well beyond what anyone had predicted to support the "Courtnall Call-In for Mental Health" radio-thon yesterday with a total of $105,352 donated toward construction of a psychiatric emergency unit at Victoria's Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Then, in a surprise announcement as the broadcast ended, C-FAX CEO Mel Cooper revealed that the directors of the C-FAX Santas Anonymous charity had voted to donate $100,000 from the "rainy day fund", making the grand total a stunning $205,352.

As far as anyone in B.C.'s capital can remember, it's the most money for charity ever raised in Victoria in one day.

Former NHL star Russ Courtnall was "overcome by emotion when the total was announced," said the C-FAX press release. "He and other members of the Courtnall family had worked hard to make the campaign a success, drawing on the memory of a father's suicide and hoping to help other families avoid that kind of pain."

"It was an emotionally-charged day from start to finish. With mental health affecting one in five people, just about everyone seemed to have a personal reason for supporting the cause. C-FAX was honored to be a part of it," said C-FAX vice-president Terry Spence.

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