CBC gives bunnies bum's rush


TORONTO - A trio of Playboy Magazine models were forced to shift a planned appearance at the Front Street headquarters of the CBC yesterday.

According to a story in today's Toronto Sun, whose headline reads "No sex please, we're the CBC", the Playboy bunnies were scheduled to sign autographs in the Gateway Newsstand store inside the building, but once network honchos caught wind of the planned session, ruled the appearance of the fully-clothed women inappropriate.

"We've got approval from the building three weeks ago, we had advertised this in The Sun, and then they call us at 3:30 p.m. yesterday and cancel," said Gateway executive Arlene Shepard, as quoted in the Sun.

However, CBC spokesman Ruth-Ellen Soles told the newspaper they didn't know about the event until someone saw a sign advertising the appearance at the store on Wednesday.

"This is a public space. We get school tours," Soles told the Sun. "When we found out about it, we felt this was not compatible with our role as Canada's public broadcaster."

Two of the three girls signed autographs in a limo across the street while the other waited in the store, directing fans to them.

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