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Bea-Ver gets new Windsor stick


OTTAWA Today, the CRTC approved an application by Bea-Ver Communications Inc. (Bea-Ver) to amend the license for CKUE-FM, Chatham by adding a transmitter at Windsor. Bea-Ver will also establish a studio in Windsor to produce 42 hours of programming each week.

Bea-Ver proposed to add a transmitter for Windsor which would be a synchronous repeater of CKUE-FM; that is, it would use the same 95.1 MHz frequency as CKUE-FM's main transmitter in Chatham. The new transmitter would operate with an effective radiated power of 400 watts.

The company also told the Commission it would increase the minimum amount of local programming that must be broadcast from 42 to 84 hours per broadcast week. The licensee stated that 42 hours of its local programming would originate from new studios in Windsor. The remainder would be produced in CKUE-FM's existing studios in Chatham.

As well, it's proposal also promised, says the Commission, "to increase CKUE-FM's annual financial obligations with respect to Canadian talent development, so that, in addition to its current required contribution of $400 dollars per year, the licensee would contribute $110,000 over seven years. These additional funds would be disbursed as follows: $5,000 in Year 1, $10,000 in Year 2, $15,000 in Year 3, and $20,000 each year in Years 4 through 7. The licensee indicated that the $110,000 would be paid to the University of Windsor to underwrite scholarships for music and journalism students."

As well, CKUE-FM's condition of license will be modified to specify that it must, in any broadcast week, broadcast less than 85% hit material. CKUE-FM's current condition of license specifies that CKUE-FM must broadcast less than 50% hit material.

CKUE-FM offers a classic rock format aimed at a 18 to 44 demo, with a male emphasis. "The applicant was of the view that its proposal would allow CKUE-FM to provide Windsor residents with a second Canadian private radio voice and an additional source of local information, while it continued to serve its existing audience in the Chatham area. The applicant submitted that its proposal, while unique, reflected the flexible approach that the Commission has adopted for regulating radio stations serving the Windsor market," reads the Commission decision.

Currently, all four private radio stations, CKWW, CKLW, CIMX-FM and CIDR-FM are owned by CHUM Limited, which is an exception to the common ownership policy set out in Commercial Radio Policy 1998, Public Notice CRTC 1998-41, 30 April 1998 (the Commercial Radio Policy).

For the full decision, including CHUM's intervention and Bea-Ver's response, click here.

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