World-wide "My Way" celebration planned on Easter Monday


NEW YORK Next Monday, April 12, is the 35th anniversary of one of the world's most covered, most played and most performed songs: "My Way".

To commemorate the tune's enduring popularity, publisher Warner Chappell Music is co-ordinating simultaneous radio airplay play around the world at 11:50 a.m. ET that day. Organizers hope to have more than 35,000 radio stations playing the song simultaneously.

There are more than 35 versions of "My Way" by artists including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious. All 35 versions of the song will be available free for downloading on April 9. The address is, user name: My Way; password: Frank."

On April 12, 1969, after a notable absence from the American pop charts, Frank Sinatra returned to the Top 30 with "My Way". By January, the song had already received over one million plays and was established as a classic.

However the story of the song has a well-documented Canadian connection and actually began in Europe in 1967, when Jacques Revaux composed the song "For Me" or "Pour Mois". Revaux worked and re-worked the song with Claude Francois and Gilles Thibault until it became "Comme d'habitude" ("As Usual"). Released in 1967, it was considered a failure despite sales in excess of 250,000 copies.

That year, Canadian star Paul Anka was in France and happened to see Francois perform the song on television. Within days Anka had negotiated rights to the song and then adapted English lyrics. Then at a party in Las Vegas in 1968, Anka played it for Sinatra.

By the end of the year, Sinatra was in the studio recording the track. Impressed by his musicians' reactions to the recording, Sinatra made "My Way" the album's lead off single.

"MY WAY" 35th Anniversary track list:
Claude Francois
Frank Sinatra
Mary Ross
Nina Simone
Elvis Presley
Paul Anka
Julio Iglesias/Paul Anka
Tom Jones
Paul Mauriat
Joan Baez & Gypsy Kings
Keiko Lee
The Platters
Yumiko Samejima
Freddy Cole
Patty Bravo,
Robbie Williams
Sid Vicious
Kanye West
Hugo Montenegro
Jventude Leonina
Taha /Khaled/Faudel
Nina Hagen
John Cleese
Haris Dzinovic
Los Paratas
Django bates/human Chain
Jorge Z Romero Diaz
Shane MacGowan
Chie Ayado
Peter Kingsbery
Richard Clayderman
The St Paul Choir

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