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APTN audience grows


WINNIPEG - At almost five years of age, the Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network is experiencing growing ratings.

Although APTN's primary audience is Aboriginal peoples, current audience measurement of sampled homes in large urban settings primarily captures the secondary audience consisting of the non-Aboriginal population.

According to Nielsen Media meter data reports, says an APTN press release, viewing numbers have grown from weekly totals of 900,000 in 1999 to more than 1.7 million in 2003. Similar reports from BBM's diary service show an increase from 560,000 weekly reach in 1999 to 981,000 in fall 2003.

Although APTN's core Aboriginal viewing audience, comprised of Aboriginal Peoples living on- reserve, north of 60 and in urban Canada, is not measured by either of the media measurement companies in Canada, recent research indicates a strong following for the network with these groups, says the release.

Recent surveys conducted by Environics (North of 60) and Statistics Canada (on reserve) clearly show an emotional attachment between APTN and the Aboriginal viewing audience. Over 90% of respondents indicated that they watch APTN "sometimes" or "all the time".

Results from a cross-Canada station branding study shows the reason for this success is because for the first time in history Aboriginal Peoples are seeing their lives and cultures reflected on television as they actually are, the release continues.

A recent two year PMB study found a weekly reach on total population 12+ of 1,128,000 (does not include Northern territories). The weekly reach of the population with Aboriginal backgrounds was 31.77% and that 17.13% watch 3-plus hours of APTN per week.

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