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Standard, CBC, SIRIUS partnership hire Shea as CEO


OTTAWA and NEW YORK CITY - Kevin Shea, a respected, veteran Canadian broadcaster, has been hired as CEO for the satellite radio partnership of Standard Radio, CBC and Sirius Satellite Radio

"We are delighted to have Kevin Shea on board during these exciting early days of satellite radio in Canada," said Gary Slaight, president and CEO, Standard Radio Inc. "Kevin's years of management experience and his deep understanding of Canada's broadcasting industry make him the ideal leader to spearhead our efforts to obtain a license to launch a world class digital audio service for Canadians."

As reported by, the Sirius/Standard/CBC partnership is one of three groups vying for a subscription radio service. The Commission will hold public hearings into licensing the three this fall. While CHUM wants a terrestrial digital radio subscription license, another Canadian partnership with XM Satellite Radio and entrepreneur John Bitove wants a satellite license.

Shea will oversee the new Canadian-controlled company's efforts to obtain a license from the CRTC to offer Canadian subscribers approximately 100 digital audio channels, including over 60 commercial-free music channels and a diverse array of information, sports and other entertainment programming.

"I am proud to be leading the effort to bring to Canadians a service that will blend technological innovation with an unwavering commitment to programming excellence and Canadian content," said Kevin Shea. "Satellite radio has experienced tremendous growth and is on a steep curve. If licensed this service will guarantee a greater diversity of voices in the Canadian broadcasting system."

Shea has over 30 years of experience in the Canadian entertainment, broadcasting, cable, telecommunications and culture industries. Over the past decade he has served as executive vice-president for Bell Globemedia, and as president and CEO for both the Global Television Network and Atlantis Communications Inc. Prior to 1993, Mr. Shea occupied senior management positions for a diverse group of broadcast and entertainment entities, including YTV Canada Inc., Rogers Cablesystems Inc. and the Cable Satellite Network Inc.

Most recently, Shea earned a bit of enmity from some of his fellow Canadian broadcasters in his attempt to create 49th Media, a company which would have substituted Canadian commercials in place of American ones during the feeds of U.S. cable channels such as CNN and TLC. The Commission, however, turned him down in 2003 and any progress towards the creation of that company would appear to be in limbo.

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