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New VI appoints Williams community relations manager


VICTORIA - CHUM Limited's TV station The New VI announced the appointment today of Bruce Williams to the position of manager, community relations.

In his new role as public ambassador for the station, Williams will seek to strengthen The New VI's commitment to and involvement with local organizations and charitable groups across Vancouver Island.

Williams will have his work cut out because the station's reputation in the market has become a bit bruised of late. The New VI has undergone some drastic changes involving staff eliminations and programming cuts.

"Bruce is perfect for this role, he absolutely loves giving time and lending a hand to community organizations", said Richard Gray, station manager, in a press release. "In the past three years, Bruce has participated in hundreds of activities and events in the Nanaimo region, now he can expand that involvement to include Victoria and other Island centres as well."

"Throughout his 30-year-career in broadcasting, Bruce has been a strong advocate of forging community relationships. He has dedicated himself to promoting initiatives such as The Children's Miracle Network, Easter Seals, the United Way and the Vancouver Island Symphony. He has also emceed numerous Island events including Folkfest, VILand New Years and The New VI Landtubbers Race," says the release.

Bruce will take on his new duties while also remaining host of The New VI's weekday morning show NewDay. He will work out of the station's Victoria broadcast facility.

The new appointment is effective September 1, 2004.

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