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Jocks in box


OTTAWA - The co-promotion sounded like a Dr. Seuss line, but HOT 89.9 and 106.9 The Bear raised over $20,000 for Easter Seals and Candlelighters in the nation's capital.

It began on Monday at 4 p.m. when HOT 89.9's Mauler and 106.9's Stuntman Stu watched the lids close on their wooden crates, and ended 48 hours later when the two jocks emerged - smelly and tired probably - but having raised 20-grand for the two children's charities.

Restricted light, limited air, no bathroom, no food, were just some of the amenities of their respective homes for two days.

Thousands of HOT and Bear listeners turned out to pledge and showed their support. While it was an emotional and physical drain on their bodies, it is nothing compared to what these children go through on a daily basis, said Mauler and Stu.

To find out more details about these charities and to see the guys in their "48 hour environment", go to and

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